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    Our Projects

  • Boat Production

    Kotra's history dates back to 1967. Company partners' past experiences created Kotra. Kotra produces boats. The boats made by Kotra are the models carefully produced within a long time.

    Kotra designs and plans any boat you want regardless of models and types, and it produces them from composite, fiber glass, cold mold or sheet metal following the three-dimensional drawings of their interior plans and furniture. It carries out the assembly of all kinds of equipment such as electronics and motors, and ultimately delivers them. 
    In addition to boat production, Kotra also carries out the maintenance and interior modifications of boats of all sizes, and plans, produces and mounts the interior structure of boats of all sizes and types after their hull parts are completed.

  • Painting Processes

    Metal sheet boats:
    We perform comprehensive sandblasting before painting process and clean off the former paint and corroded locations. Then, firstly we apply primer coating on bare metal sheet and then apply primer paint. When the paint dries we commence filler processes. Upon completion of filler processes we perform sanding processes and apply the intermediate layer of paint. Then we perform finishing filler processes and apply another intermediate layer of paint. We complete the processes by applying the finishing paint layer.

    Wooden boats:
    We remove the former paint using orbital sander and apply 2 layers of 350 g/ m2 rowing fiber. Upon fiber processes, we apply the painting system applied on metal sheet boats identically.

    Fiber boats:
    We sand off the former gelcoat and antifouling paint. We commence filler processes upon applying primer paint. Upon completion of filler processes we apply the intermediate layer of paint. When the paint dries, we complete the processes by applying the finishing paint layer.

    If OSMOSIS is present in fiber boats we remove the former gelcoat completely and we apply one layer of fiber. We apply 1 layer of primer paint. We apply filler for leveling and perform sanding process. We apply nearly 2 or 3 layers of gelsheet with roller. After performing slight sanding we apply antifouling primer with roller. Then we apply 2 layers of antifouling paint and complete the process.

  • Refit

    We design the project of the work to be performed before commencing refit works. We create floor plans upon taking actual measurements on the boat in order to design the project and we draw layout plans on these plans.

    We process the entire interior space in 3D before manufacture. Upon trial fitting of the furniture, wall and beam-end units that we produce to their positions preliminarily, we commence the polishing process. Polishing processes are carried out by applying at least 5 layers of filler varnish and at least 3 layers of finishing varnish. We carry out installation upon completion of polishing processes. The principle of our company for varnishing works is to apply the varnish layers used on the exposed surfaces also to the concealed surfaces. As Kotra, we fulfill your refit processes with all of its details.